Last month, we hit on budding electric vehicle star, Lucid Motors. You can find that blog here. Now, let’s dive into another EV that is making some noise in the very competitive space, Rivian. 

The unique aspect that Rivian brings to the table is that they classify themselves as “Electric Adventure Vehicles”. So these are not the typical EVs that are built to just look really nice and get you to your destination. Rivian as a brand is about creating a car that allows people to be adventurous every single day. It is a vehicle that isn’t only good for the environment, but it promotes and inspires people to try new things and explore the world as much as possible. 

Already off to a great start

Similar to Lucid Motors, who won the 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year award, Rivian also has some hardware in the EV game. The Rivian R1T Truck model was named the 2022 MotorTrend Truck of the Year. Rivian joins Lucid Motors as the only other automaker who have won a Car of the Year award with its first vehicle model. 

Winning the MotorTrend Truck of the Year is indeed not an easy feat. Rivian’s award marks the first time a non-Detroit Big Three automaker (Ford, General Motors, Chrysler) has won the Truck of the Year since 2008. Trucks are asked to perform a broader range of functions that regular sedan-type cars don’t do. Plus, provide a smooth ride and total driving experience. Rivian’s R1T Truck stood out from the pack to MotorTrend with its overall performance and unique truck design. 

The history of Rivian

The idea behind Rivian was from the mind of CEO RJ Scaringe. He was an MIT graduate who studied engineering and lean manufacturing. An avid adventurer, Scaringe spends a lot of his time outdoors hiking and exploring. He would come to realize how much he was driving to go on these adventures and how much he was contributing to the pollution going into the environment. So combining his love for being adventurous, cars, and preserving the environment, Rivian was born.   

After launching back in 2009, Rivian has gone through tremendous growth to get where they are today. Rivian is now headquartered in Irvine, California. Other facilities around the country include Michigan and Illinois, which allows Rivian to stay close to the suppliers and auto hotspot in the midwest. They also have locations in the United Kingdom and Vancouver, Canada. This gives Rivian global respect to ensure they deliver on their mission. 

Teaming up with Amazon

In 2019, Rivian revved its brand and got serious recognition from investors. None more prominent than the global giant, Amazon. They invested 700 million dollars in Rivian and ordered 100,000 electric vans. A few years after the order, the Rivian Amazon EV vans were deployed around several cities. Including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Topeka, Kansas. There will soon be up to 16 cities with these EV vans for Amazon. 

Rivian vehicle options 

Currently, Rivian only has two models to choose from. However, the lack of quantity of selection is not a bad thing. The quality of their vehicles is what really matters. Rivian’s R1T Truck and R1S SUV are two premium rides in the electric vehicle industry. Let’s dive into the R1T Truck a little more. 

R1T Truck

Of course, the R1T Truck is their top model and gets the rightful recognition as the Truck of the Year. This car is a true trendsetter in the truck industry. It’s uniquely designed, made for adventures big or small, and is entirely electric. 

Almost every aspect of the R1T Truck is on point. Rivian divides the truck’s features into four distinct categories: capability, experience, utility, and driver+. 

Capability is the truck’s ability to get where people want to go, no matter the terrain. It’s all about the driving performance, which includes multiple drive modes, the ability to drive through 3+ feet of water, towing up to 11,000 pounds, and a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds. 

Experience is the truck’s interior and exterior features, making it much more than the standard truck. It has connected car ability, including Bluetooth, wi-fi, LTE, and a fully immersive surround-sound audio system. The interior is made adventure-proof, from materials that combat all the mud, dust, and sand that will tag along with you. The exterior features a tremendous all-glass panoramic roof, allowing you to take in all the sunlight during the day or star-gaze night. 

Now, the Utility features for the R1T are where the fun begins. Fit for any adventurer, this truck has all the needed storage, plus some one-of-a-kind amenities. You’ll have over 62 cubic feet of storage, allowing the ability to take all of your gear with you. The truck also includes a gear tunnel and camp kitchen. Giving you extra room for more items and a convenient way to eat your meals wherever you end up that day. 

Lastly, the Driver+ aspect of the R1T is all about giving the driver a safe and easy way to get to their destinations. The Driver+ feature is an automatic driving system standard on all Rivian vehicles. This allows the truck to automatically steer and go with the driver’s command at an adjusted speed. Additional features include automatic braking, lane-keeping control, and alerts for blind spots. 

Your next adventure awaits with Rivian

Overall, Rivian is really changing the game for electric vehicles. They know precisely the niche market they are in and provide everything an adventurer and outdoor enthusiast is looking for in a ride. If this describes who you are, you should look into Rivian when deciding on your next vehicle. 

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