Learn The Pitfalls of The DMV Permanent Fleet Registration System And How To Avoid Them.

When it comes to trying to get your Permanent Fleet Registration from the DMV, there are many pitfalls. DMV has Long wait times, visiting  DMV field offices is very inefficient, DMV has billing issues,  and trying to replace a plate under this program can be a headache.

The DMV is frustrating because it is very inefficient and DMV agents are unhelpful.  You get the same level of service with the PFR program. . Everything from filling out the application to receive the needed materials is a painful process. Converting your fleet to the PFR program is a long time-consuming process that can cause your fleet to be put on hold as registrations are converted. 

Keep reading, and you will learn how to avoid these DMV issues which can increase your operation cost, reduce your profits and potentially interrupt your fleet operation for an extended period of time.

Long Waits

Getting your PFR in California can take several weeks. The state recommends that businesses submit their PFR application 30 to 60 days ahead of time. That is about two months of waiting just to get your fleet on the PFR program! Assuming there is no issue with your application. 

The DMV is very inefficient. The DMV field offices have a wait time of 6 hours on average each day.  Not to mention, DMV only allows fleet operators to only process three vehicles per visit.  

If you think you can avoid the excessively long waits by going to the DMV- think again. The wait times are just as long, if not longer through their online portal. The DMV virtual office website states incorrect processing times.  DMV virtual office takes two weeks to review the document you have uploaded. The two-week time frame is where you get a response from someone to start the process.  Once they have responded with the next steps you are again forced to wait after your submission of information or payment. 

Overall, the DMV is inefficient, which includes the  PFR . If you want to spend less time waiting and more time operating your fleet, you will want to go with an alternative option. 

Visiting DMV Field Offices

To qualify for PFR, you might need to make a trip to the DMV field offices- which is not productive for fleet operators. The lines are long, you have to wait for long periods, and there are crowds of people there. Make sure you have all your documents and requirements ready to apply for PFR.  If you have forgotten any piece of this PFR application, you will need to go through the long line again to see a staff member.

No one wants to spend their day waiting in lines at the DMV for their PFR. If you are managing a fleet, you should visit our website instead. We have an efficient and easy-to-use fleet management program.

Billing Issues with DMV PFR

Once you have gotten your fleet on the DMV PFR program.  You will receive a monthly bill via mail for fleet registration renewal. The bill provided by the DMV is the total cost for monthly registration on all vehicles.  They do not include their service fee on this bill.  The service fee must be manually applied and paid with the bill.   If you forget to post their service fee with your registration payment,  your registration is suspended on all vehicles which can cause costly owner citations. 

The CA DMV only accepts checks and money orders via mail and debit card in person. They do not accept any other form of payment. The payment acceptance is limited making it very inconvenient for fleet operators. 

There are several billing issues. If you pay online, the DMV portal will not show your transaction right away. Sometimes, people think their payment didn’t go through and will send another one. It can take 6 months to get a refund from the DMV. 

License Plate Replacement

If you have trucks that need replacement license plates now.  Getting a license plate replacement can take forever when applying through the DMV.  

You will need to provide your application, remaining plate, insurance card, and payment to the DMV field office. Once you have provided the requirements. DMV will ship you new plates to the address on your registration. Receiving the new plates takes 30 days. Your vehicle now is inoperational for 30 days until plates are received. Operating the vehicle without a plate will result in costly owner citation and your vehicle can be towed away by the Highway Patrol or your local Police department. 

Processing license plate replacement via mail is not recommended.  USPS takes seven to ten business days to ship your application package to the DMV. It is recommended to use tracked shipping to avoid your package getting lost by USPS or DMV.  Once the DMV received your application package with all required items. It can take 15 days for processing and shipping.  Users have reported it receiving plates 45 to 60 days after their checks have been cashed.    

Customers of the CA DMV  have had issues with receiving their plates in the mail. Clients of the DMV have contacted our office to inquire about the status of their replacement. We contact Sacramento DMV to get an update on the replacement process as a courtesy. We found that some packages were shipped but lost in the mail. Some application packages were never received by the DMV. Other packages were missing requirements and DMV mailed a letter out to the client requesting missing information. The most common occurrence was the plates were received by the fleet operator but registration cards or necessary stickers were missing. 

Avoid the Pitfalls by Choosing Sticker Quicker

Sticker Quicker is the better choice when it comes to your PFR. We have no exaggerated wait times and are able to provide services in minutes. We make sure that our systems are running smoothly, so you can take care of your PFR quickly online.

We provide better PFR services than the DMV. Our service is highly rated by fleet managers. We provide instant transparent and convenient PFR services.  Fleet managers have reported to our staff of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on penalty fees and citations.  Everything you need to know is posted on our website. 

Benefits of PFR

When you update your PFR, you will no longer need to find all the vehicles in your fleet to add their renewal stickers. You will be changing stickers less often and will no longer have to replace registration cards.

Many fleet owners prefer having their PFR due to the benefits. However, no one wants to visit the DMV to complete the application and set up process. That is where Sticker Quicker comes in!

Why Choose Us

There is no waiting when it comes to our services. We can ship your order to you the same day. All shipments come with tracking, so you know for sure when you are receiving your registration.

Overall, the DMV is full of pitfalls, especially when it comes to getting your PFR. If you choose us instead, you can avoid all of that. Sticker Quicker is faster and more efficient, so there are no pitfalls to worry about! The entire system is virtual, allowing you to perform various DMV activities from the comfort of your home or office.

Final Thoughts

The DMV PFR program has many flaws. It does not make the registration process easier for fleet operators.  Sticker Quicker.com fleet assist app resolved all the problems fleet managers face on a daily basis.  

If you want your PFR, you may have to go through the DMV. The process is slow and filled with various pitfalls that can make the experience worse for you.