DMV offices all over California have opened up again, but you can only visit them if you already had an appointment before closures began. They are not scheduling any new appointments, only the ones that were canceled. The entire process has been shifted online and updated on their websites so that customers can process requests. And, with hotspots popping up all around the state, the DMV is seriously considering shutting down again. So, what is the alternative? Sticker Quicker can help.

The Virtual DMV System

On June 11, the DMV reopened around 169 field offices in California on an appointment-only basis. They are providing limited services that require an in-person visit. People are encouraged to utilize online services if possible. You can perform numerous transactions via their website, including license and registration renewals. However, the downside is that their virtual system is extremely slow and inefficient. It takes around two to three months for them to process your request. The majority of users are not satisfied with DMV Virtual service and are searching for easier and quicker alternatives.

People who tried DMV’s virtual system report it is not working properly. The DMV virtual Agent service requires you to upload your documents. However, users are not only facing errors while uploading, but the DMV Virtual system also does not provide any response after the upload is completed and form is submitted. Users are left guessing for two to four months on the next steps to complete their transaction.  It takes too much time for the DMV to inform you about any missing signatures or documents. If there is anything missing, you are required to upload it and wait for their response all over again. You are forced to wait, with no support personnel to contact. 

Even when their field offices have started to function again, the wait in lines is longer than before. Not to forget how unsafe it is these days to wait in lines these days. So what is a better alternative than going to the DMV?

Alternative to DMV Centers

The virtual system, while a nice initiative, is not working as it should. Here is where Sticker Quicker can help. It is a certified, lower-cost alternative DMV service provider that helps people in California with their DMV needs. We process registration renewals,  stickers, and license plate replacements without the need for in-person visits.

Sticker Quicker online system can prevent and handle 99% of all errors, which often cause DMV to delay your registration. During these times, we are the best solution if you want to instantly replace your license plate, change address, transfer titles, etc. We try our best to give customers streamlined solutions. The three major services Sticker Quicker provides are:

Registration Renewal

Our virtual portal simplifies DMV’s lengthy registration renewal process down to only a few minutes. It allows you to renew registrations through an easy-to-follow process from virtually anywhere, all that is required is an internet connection. You instantly get an electronic copy of the registration right after you finish the checkout.

Even if your renewal letter states that it’s impossible to complete the DMV renewal online or your require smog tests, Sticker Quicker can help. Our system allows users to order moving permits and post fees, so you can drive your automobile to the nearest DMV approved smog testing center. Issuing a DMV moving permit will not only help you avoid a ticket but will also ensure that you are able to renew your registration efficiently.

Additionally, our on-demand registration renewal also accommodates people who have moved and want to change their registration address. So, you really do not have to wait for weeks to get a response from the DMV through their virtual service or waste time standing in long lines. Sticker Quicker can renew your registration faster and provide you with an electronic copy for instant download and expedited next day delivery.  

License Plate Replacement

California law states that all vehicles are required to have a license plate, both at the back and the front of your vehicle. Sticker Quicker is the only certified and authorized virtual license plate provider in the state of California. If you need to replace your license plates because they are damaged or stolen, you can place an order via our site conveniently.

We will issue you a new plate number through our automated system. Every order comes with a registration card, month and year stickers, and two license plates.  We provide next day delivery with tracking to provide fast transparent service. After you get the new license plates, we recommend sending back the old one directly to the DMV to P.O. Box 932342, MS L224, Sacramento, CA 94232-3420. Make sure to include form OL 247 with your plates. 

DMV Sticker Replacement

Whether your sticker was stolen or your misplaced the registration, Sticker Quicker can provide you with a speedy sticker replacement. The online system helps people in getting their registration and DMV stickers.

Sticker Quicker provides instant replacements that fulfill all of your DMV requirements with one-day delivery, so you can get back to driving your vehicle instead of waiting in long lines. We have streamlined the DMV procedures ensuring timely DMV sticker replacements are completed instantly online. 

Before choosing any DMV alternative service providers, it is important to make sure that they are legally established and authorized. They must be connected and authorized to the DMV database to ensure all the information is transferred securely and seamlessly. Additionally, the company should also have the technological capability to provide quality services to customers.

Sticker Quicker’s vertically-integrated online platform is designed to be quick while keeping with cutting-edge technology in mind. It helps us speed up the DMV processes for our users. The fast-track technology that is a part of our system allows us to provide automated services to customers anywhere and anytime. You can perform most kinds of DMV-related transactions via our online portal, and we will update your records instantly. Give Sticker Quicker a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Visit us at or call 888-635-0143.

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