Today, we will discuss California’s water conservation plans and the revolutionary innovative initiatives being launched. Let’s get started!


  1. The California Water Resilience Initiative is a private sector effort aligned with Governor Newsom’s 2022 Water Supply Strategy to accelerate coordinated action for a water-resilient future in California.
  2. The initiative was organized by the World Environment Center, CEO Water Mandate, the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC), and the Pacific Institute, with support from Ecolab.
  3. The California Water Resilience Forum brought together industry and state leaders to discuss water challenges, share case studies, and explore strategies to address the state’s water issues.
  4. Private sector leaders, including companies like Starbucks, General Mills, Marriott, and Walmart, are partnering with non-profit organizations to address water scarcity and climate change impacts on water supply.
  5. Ecolab, a key supporter, is committed to advancing water resilience and emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships to conserve and replenish water resources, as highlighted in their Watermark™ Study 2023, which found consumers looking to businesses for water stewardship leadership. The coalition will reconvene to develop a roadmap for greater water resilience.


To learn more about California’s water conservation plan, read more.

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