Discovering your license plate has been stolen can be a headache. This quick guide covers the basics: reasons behind plate theft, immediate actions such as reporting to the police and DMV, and some preventive tips. We’ll also touch on digital license plates and how to keep your new plates secure. 


  1. Reasons for License Plate Theft: Thieves steal license plates for concealing stolen vehicles, selling them as collectibles, or avoiding traffic violations.
  1. Immediate Action Steps:

   – Report the theft to the local police to create an incident report.

   – Obtain a police report to prevent identity theft and aid in potential legal issues.

   – Contact the DMV to cancel stolen plates and obtain replacements, which may involve in-person visits and notarized applications.

  1. Temporary License Plates: While waiting for permanent plates, some states issue temporary license plates and tabs.
  2. Preventive Measures:

   – Lockable and decorative license plate frames.

   – Special screws with custom removal tools.

   – Anti-theft self-tapping screws.

  1. Digital License Plates: While possible, stealing digital license plates is unlikely due to built-in deterrence factors. Digital plates can be tracked, rendered non-functional when removed illegally, and aid in tracking stolen vehicles. 


Read the full article for detailed information on what to do if your license plate is stolen and preventive measures to avoid theft.


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