Are you moving to or starting up school in California? First off, congratulations and welcome to the Golden State! There might be a few items you need to check off your to-do list prior to getting all settled on the West coast. One item will be getting your vehicle title transferred from your current or soon-to-be-old state, to California. 

Luckily, Sticker Quicker is to help in that department. We have set up a quick and easy 3-minute registration process. Follow along as we compare the DMV title transfer process versus our own, Sticker Quicker title transfer process.

Out-Of-State Title Transfer, The Sticker Quicker Way!

We keep it simple for you at Sticker Quicker DMV Express, below is what you’ll need to provide us to get our Out-Of-State title transfer started.

  • The license plate number
  • The last five digits of the vehicle identification number
  • Your email

Out-Of-State Transfer steps

1. Enter License plate number last 5 of vin and your email to start

2. We ask about clients mailing address 

3. Client has to enter information on the purchase price and date they are operating the vehicle in CA

4. The get fee screen to make payment. 

5. Once payment is posted. 

6. Client gets email notification to provide pictures for front and back of title, and any other document for purchase. 

7. We enter all the info in to DMV system verify the DMV fee. 

8. We then email over filled DMV forms and shipping label to return all documents to our office (Titles, bill of sale, Reg Forms) 

9. Once we received the package we complete the process and issue plates stickers and registration card which is overnighted to the clients shipping address.

Out-Of-State Title Transfer, The DMV Way

On the other side of the coin, completing a title transfer from out-of-state to California could take a long time and you’ll need all of the information below to get started.

  • Certificate of Title
  • Both parties have signed the title
  • Sellers on section and odometer statements under sellers
  • Buyer must sign odometer statement and fill out & sign back of title
  • If there is a lien holder, and they are paid off DMV Requires REG 166 releasing the lien. 
  • If you have no title, you can complete a transfer with REG 343, REG 262 or bill of Sale from your state. 
  • Your driver’s license
  • The purchase date of vehicle, and the price
  • The odometer reading 
  • Vin Verification 
  • Smog Check

Yes… unfortunately, that is what you’ll need when you begin the out-of-state title transfer process with the DMV. all of which will only cause more time and stress when there will already be plenty of that with other aspects of your move. 

The decision and title transfer process is clear and easy

Why should you choose Sticker Quicker when it comes to title transfer? As highlighted above, the decision should be crystal clear. Sticker Quicker is here for you to give you the fastest online title transfer service possible. 

We offer same day shipping on title transfers as long as you fill out the webpage information by 2pm. This helps you avoid the costly late penalty fees from the DMV. Enjoy free tracking on your title transfer and know exactly when you will receive your new license plates, stickers, and registration. 

Complete your move and get your Out-Of-State title transfer today! 

Sticker Quicker is the better alternative to the DMV, period. Our passion is providing express DMV services that will save you time, energy, and money. If you are moving to California, one of the first calls you should make is to Sticker Quicker. Let’s get your Out-Of-State title transfer started today! Visit our DMV Virtual Title Transfer page, or call 916-270-6400 for more information. 

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