In today’s update, we’re learning about the state of New York regarding their adoption of California EV Rules by 2035. 

The climate is important and is something that needs greater awareness brought to it. New York announced how they are already thinking ahead following in California’s foot-steps with cars. Here are the major takeaways from their announcement:

  1. New York is taking a stand by California in fighting against the climate crisis.
  2. By 2026 there will be implementations for yearly emissions standards. This will allow the state of New York to be able to monitor the amount of pollution that a vehicle gives off into the air. 
  3. Gasoline-powered cars won’t be around in New York by 2035.
  4. New York is moving towards reducing pollution from the air by removing light-duty vehicles that utilize gasoline. They are looking to be down 25% by 2037.
  5. There will be 9.5 million fewer gasoline vehicles being sold by 2035.  

Learn more by reading the full update:

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