A quick on-demand DMV service is all that you need during the current pandemic situation that prevails globally. The DMV understands that and therefore provides online services with the Virtual DMV page, featuring a Virtual Agent feature, but also features a list of DMV service providers, or partners, which are faster, through the DMV Anytime page. Sticker Quicker is the # 1 service provider for the DMV.

Sticker Quicker is a DMV service provider that facilitates vehicle owners in California in the renewal and replacement of their registration. We can process registration renewals, stickers, and license plate replacements without you having to visit the DMV offices in person. Our services are 100% transparent. We provide detailed information on the DMV Fee you are paying and where they are allocated to your city and county services and programs. Our online Fleet assist portal will help you avoid any costly penalties year after year. These services are not only time-efficient but are also designed with a cost-efficiency factor in mind. Sticker Quicker has the ability to handle 99.9% of all errors which cause DMV to hold your registration.  Sticker Quicker is a true Virtual Agent that requires no human intervention on the backend.   All forms are electronically filed with DMV reducing and correcting any errors causing holds.  We are your solution to instantly change your address, replace license plate replacement, transfer titles, and more.

At Sticker Quicker, we understand community concerns and therefore strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions through a streamlined process.

Learn more about the services we offer at Sticker Quicker and why we are the #1 service provider for the DMV.

The three major DMV services Sticker Quicker provides include:

1. Registration Renewal

The DMV registration renewal process has been simplified down to a few minutes through our online portal. The easy-to-follow online process helps you renew your registration from anywhere; all you need is a stable internet connection. As soon as you complete the checkout, you will instantly receive an electronic copy of your registration, free of cost.

However, if your vehicle requires smog or your DMV renewal letter states you cannot complete your renewal online, turn to StickerQuicker.com.  Our system will allow you to post fees and order a moving permit allowing you to operate your vehicle to obtain your smog.  We will not only save you from a traffic ticket but will also get your registration renewed in time. Moreover, our on-demand DMV registration renewal service also accommodates vehicle owners who have recently moved to a new location and want to update their vehicle registration address. No need for you to wait in the long lines at the DMV. Instead, at Sticker Quicker, we will update your registration and provide you a fast-track e-copy for the record.

2. License Plate Replacement

According to California law, all vehicles must have a front and back license plate at all times. We at Sticker Quicker are the only authorized online license plate replacement provider in California. If your license plates need replacement because they have been stolen or are damaged, you can conveniently place an order for replacement plates through our website. A new license plate number will be issued to you through our system. Our automated system allows you to download your California vehicle registration card instantly. Your license plate, stickers, and registration card are delivered the next day with tracking.  Once you receive the new plates, it is highly recommended that you send back your old plate directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 942869 Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

3. DMV Sticker Replacement

Whether you have misplaced your registration or had your sticker stolen, Sticker Quicker is here to assist you with a speedy DMV sticker replacement. Our online platform will facilitate you in obtaining your DMV stickers and registration.  We provide instant replacements with next day delivery fulfilling all DMV requirements, so you can operate your vehicles on the road. We will ensure all procedures are followed with efficiency to get your DMV replacement done on time. 

4. Vessel Boat Registration

The DMV has made it mandatory for all undocumented vessels to get their registrations completed before sailing into California waters. The last thing you would want is to get stuck at the dock because the authorities noticed a discrepancy in your registration, or your sticker was missing. Our online portal has streamlined the vessel registration process to a few steps; complete the steps to get an e-copy after you have checked out. Sticker Quicker prioritizes customer satisfaction; therefore, we can ship your DMV Vessel registration card and stickers wherever you choose them to be delivered.

5. Renewal Reminders

At Sticker Quicker, we are committed to providing quality assistance to our customers. Therefore, we understand how stressful and financially disturbing the untimely traffic tickets can be. To save our customers from paying hefty fines, we have designed a renewal reminder e-notification system. This automated system will send timely reminders for any renewal that is due for your vehicle, saving you from penalty fees. We also send quick updates regarding vehicle smog and insurance so that your registration and sticker are not held by these requirements. It will take less than a minute for you to sign up for our virtual garage and receive friendly reminders for DMV services. This e-notification system will help you stay on track with your renewals in three simple steps:

·   Log in to your virtual garage after signing up.

·   Add as many vehicles as you own

·   Receive polite reminders and save yourself from paying DMV registration penalty fees.

We are also certified to manage title transfer for vehicles, VIN verifications, duplicate title orders, and junk vehicle certificates. Even if you have moved from another state to California, our customer representatives will be happy to guide you through the process of renewing your vehicle registration. We’ll save you the hassle of waiting in long lines outside the DMV. You can instantly renew your registration online or call and speak to our representative. Our staff is highly skilled and will process your transaction within 15 minutes. You will immediately receive an electronic copy, and the next day you will have the license plate and registration card at your door.

Before you settle for any DMV express service, you must ensure that the service is established on legal grounds. The company must be authorized and connected to the DMV database for a secured synchronized transfer of information. Moreover, it should be technologically capable of serving customers with quality services. At Sticker Quicker, our vertically integrated platform is engineered with cutting-edge technology, helping us accelerate the DMV process for our customers. This fast-track technology has embedded our system with automated services that can be used by customers anytime. Most types of DMV transactions can be completed online, and your record will be updated instantly in the DMV database.  

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