The California Highway Patrol recently developed an education program specifically designed for senior citizens. The new program, named “Age Well, Drive Smart” is geared toward helping 65-year-olds and older maintain their ability to drive. Furthermore, the intention of the maintenance of the elderly’s ability to drive is to help older Californians keep their independence. 

This was able to be carried out due to a yearlong Federal Grant, characterized by the name “Keeping Everyone Safe.” The California Highway Patrol is committed to keeping senior drivers safe and well. Meanwhile, the program is designed to save the lives of younger drivers too. According to the CHP, “this course is designed to assist the state’s most experienced drivers in refreshing their driving skills.” Thus, the implementation of this program is excellent for people of all ages. The CHP will be offering older drivers to attend a free class. Only two hours of your time to ensure the safety of others and yourself? For more information, these classes are being offered at CHP Area Offices and many community centers! Learn more today

Senior Citizens Driving Program

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