Today, our industry update is detailing California’s new rules passed by air regulators that require all new cars sold by 2035 are zero-emission vehicles. 

Here is what you need to know about California’s new rules regarding zero-emission vehicles and the state’s goals regarding green technology: 

  1. In August 2022, California approved new clean car rules, aligning their zero emissions targets with those of the European Union. All cars sold by 2035 must be zero emission. To meet these targets, battery electrics and hybrid vehicles must be 35% of companies’ sales mix by 2026. 
  2. According to clean vehicle advocates, California is leading the way in establishing standards for the transition to zero-polluting cars. 
  3. The implementation of zero-emission vehicles will drastically reduce tailpipe pollution and will serve to eliminate these pollutants once and for all. 
  4. However, automakers are providing pushback for the implementation of these rules out of concerns regarding inflation, supply-chain issues, and EV income tax credit eligibility issues. 
  5. In response to the pushback, various car companies noted that these targets can be reached. But only through thoughtful collaboration and innovative supply chains. 

For more information on California’s new rules regarding zero-emission vehicles, check out the link below: 

Do California’s Zero Emission by 2035 Rules Go Far Enough? (

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Do California’s Zero Emission by 2035 Rules Go Far Enough? (

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