Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the most recent California floods. To find out how to stay safe in high waters and what roads to avoid, keep reading! 

With an influx of rain and flooding roads, thousands of Californians have been encouraged to evacuate their homes. Here are the risks, the impacts, and what’s to come: 

  1. Some of the risks of the California storms include mudslides and road closings, forcing residents out of their homes or dealing with severe rain damage. Although the rain is mostly finished in Southern California, the Northern half of the state is predicted to be hit even further by the storm. 
  2. Despite the negative impacts of the storm, there have also been positive drawbacks, including reservoir preservation, lower levels of drought across the state, and increased water supply. 
  3. As of January 10th, the U.S. Highway 101 is now open, be sure to stay up to date on road closings and flood warnings. 
  4. Keep in mind that public transportation systems are experiencing heavy delays, especially in the Bay Area and Orange County. 
  5. Be aware of falling boulders, sinkholes, and extensive flooding, especially in areas along the coast. Stay focused while driving and check for delays when looking to travel throughout the state. 

To learn more about flooding in California and the impact of the most recent downfall, check out this link –

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