With so many changes occurring in the auto industry, we’re here to keep you up-to-date. Today we are here to tell you how starting in 2023, individuals with permanent disabled parking placards issued before January 2019 have 2 weeks left to renew their disabled person parking placards.

  1. The renewal of your Disabled Person Parking Placard is a free service, and there is no charge involved. You do not need to provide any credit card or payment information during the renewal process.
  2. If you have changed your address, you can update it while renewing your placard. This allows you to ensure that your placard is sent to the correct location.
  3. You can use the QR code scanner built into your iOS or Android device to renew your Disabled Person Parking Placard securely. You can provide your electronic signature by scanning the QR code on your renewal notice or using the online application. You can also manually sign the notice and mail it to the DMV using the provided return envelope if needed.
  4. After you submit your signature to the DMV, your new placard will be mailed to you starting in February 2023. The new placards will have an expiration date of June 2025. 
  5. If you choose to renew your Disabled Person Parking Placard online, you can expect to receive your new placard within 10 days. The DMV will mail it to you once they have received your signature.

To learn more about the renewal of disabled person parking placards, read more.

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